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Part I: Foundations of the Science of Reading

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Starting on Oct 18, 2023 | Sessions: 3

Learn the foundations of the science of reading with webinars that introduce reading science, dive into phonological awareness, and explore the world of phonics. Understand how to equip students on their path to reading proficiency while ensuring the effective implementation of evidence-based methods.

Join us for this essential exploration of the fundamentals and learn how to assess science of reading-based strategies within classrooms.

  • Streamed on Wednesday, October 18 - Now Available On-Demand.
    An Overview of the Science of Reading: From Research to Instruction 
  • Streamed on November 1 at 1 PM MT  Now Available On-Demand.
    Phonological Awareness: The Structure of Spoken Language
  • November 15 at 1 PM MT
    Phonics: Breaking the Reading Code Wednesday 


  • Julie Christensen, Vice President of Curriculum
  • Kathryn Persch, Curriculum Design Manager
  • Olivia Semeria, Senior Curriculum Designer
  • Ashlie McEuen, Curriculum Content Writer

You can also explore the upcoming webinars available for part 3.

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Frequently asked questions

What webinar platform will be used? webinars are hosted using Zoom, and we recommend you install the Zoom software or mobile app on the computer or device you plan to use prior to the webinar’s start time. You can download the Zoom software or app for free from the  Zoom website or your device's app store.

What if I can’t attend the webinar?

Even if you can't attend the live session, by registering for the webinar you will receive a recording of the entire session and the slides via email. That way you can access the webinar content at your convenience.

Will it be recorded?

Yes, all webinars are recorded and sent to all registrants. Webinars are also frequently made available on our website so you can watch the webinar at your convenience, regardless of whether you registered. 

Where can I find more webinars?

There are three main ways to stay informed about our webinars:

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